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Swinger Wife Barter Club is an Adult Barter Club where you can trade anything for anything. Meet professional men who will work naked.

We have changed our name from Wife Barter Club to Swinger Wife Barter Club to help couples find us on the internet.

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Membership is totally free. Wife Swappers, Swinger Wives, Hotwives, Slut Wives, Fetish & Lifestyle Couples all welcome. Find the professional help you need for free.



Version: 4.0
(August 1, 2009)

Club name changed to Swinger Wife Barter Club

Welcome to Swinger Wife Barter Club!
Wife Swapping & Bartering for Services
Skilled Craftsmen Help Wanted

Swinger Wife Barter Club is a unique dating site. Need painting, plumbing, lawn care, auto repairs & lots more? You're in the right place!

Swinger Wife Barter Club is a new concept in Adult Personals providing Swinger Wives and Single Women with a way to get things done.

Swinger Wife Barter Club has been built from the ground up as a fantasy barter personals site and is the only one of its kind. You can offer anything you like.

Women who are sick of personals sites where men have incomplete profiles and little to offer besides a hardon you will be pleasantly surprised. Men are much more comfortable talking about work than about romance.

Free Membership

Membership is totally free. You can select the skills you need or offer from our existing list or add a new entry if you don't see what you like. When you add your skill other members will be able to add it to their profiles to help you find exactly what you need!


If you have ever joined an Adult Dating Website you know how difficult it is to get a date with a real swinger wife. Women want to meet real men with real skills.



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Swinger wives barter for services!